Raahe Laulutoverit were granted use of the "Suomi-100" logo for organizing the concert "I will compose the most beautiful songs for you", featuring only Finnish melodies. There were altogether 20 composers and 11 lyricists. Composers included: George de Godzinsky, Toivo Kärki, Veikko Lavi, Rauno Lehtinen, Juice Leskinen and Kerkko Koskinen. Some of the lyricists included: Kerttu Mustonen, Reino Helismaa, Juha Vainio and Vexi Salmi.

The theme of the Independence Jubilee "Together" was achieved by using the 7-member group: Laulu- ja soitinyhtye Raahe, additionally supported by two wind instruments and a guitarist. The audience got the chance to participate in communal singing before the interval and at the end of the concert. Choir soloists were Tuula Maarala and Risto Rautio.

Choir leader Pauli Ylitalo introduced each song performed. The narrative was supported by a multimedia presentation by Dave Bradburn, in addition to composer and songwriter images, World, Finnish and Raahe news headlines at the time each song was composed were used as reminders and memory joggers for the audience.

The concert received a very warm reception and many hoped it will be repeated. Text from the local newspaper "Raahelainen" expresses best how the concert was received.

TEKSTARIT -Raahelainen 2.12.2017:
Yes, it was an awesome concert on Saturday -25.11 Nowadays homegrown music is forgotten, that's why concerts of this kind are really good. Pauli Ylitalo is the best presenter, as well as all the very good performers. Great thanks to all the organizers, performers, and Pauli Ylitalo.
Regards: An active concertgoer.