Raahe Laulutoverit

Founded in 1975, 'Raahe Laulutoverit' ('Raahe Singing Comrades'), is a mixed group of high-spirited singers, of which there are currently 27 members of mixed ages. Over the years, the singers, musicians, and leaders have changed, throughout this time their strong devotion to music has been upheld. The repertoire is built specifically around music and lyrics composed and arranged around our choir. Programs can be found for May Day celebrations, Church concerts, and anything in between. We sing Punk Requiem!

The choir practices on Thursdays, starting at 18:30 in the lower hall of Keskuskoulu, Raahe. In addition to the choir practices other important events are training camps, performances and of course the concerts which are renowned for their excellent entertainment and atmosphere.

Our choir can be booked at reasonable prices for all types of events! Contact us.