Vappu (May Day) and Pekanpäivät (Raahe Summer Festival) 2018

This year, when recalling the civil war of 100 years ago and its aftermath, the choir has several appearances during Vappu, the first of which is on the eve of the anniversary. At that time, the Raahe prison camp was housed in the Raahe Porvari and Kauppakoulu.

Vappu morning, the choir sings in its traditional way at the Haarala cemetery and commemorates the occasion at the grave of the dead, and then participates in the inauguration of a renovated and newly restored memorial at the same location. The blessing of the 142 bodies of the dead buried in the tomb will be delivered by Bishop Samuel Salmi of Oulu.

The choir will then perform at the memorial ceremony in Raahesali, where Minister of Culture Kalevi Kivistö will be present.

The traditional choir concert will continue at 17:00 in the  Raahe community hall.

The concert choir will perform music and the narration of Auku's story, which tells of the Raahe and Tammisaari prison camps and the experiences of displaced August Rautio. The work is based on her father's memoirs and written by Tuulia Hakala, daughter of Rautio. Additionally, the choir sings traditional and newer workers songs. The concert will be performed as a coffee concert, where audiences can enjoy both coffee and music simultaneously.

On Pekanpäiva, July 1, the choir presents Rallakka stories in Raahesali. In this concert, which is a combination of Raahe's recent history with the choir performing, there will be a multimedia presentation created by Dave Bradburn.