Choir's touching concert


“The Lonely Summer Waltz” Concert was performed to a packed audience of 381. Lumisalmi’s songs were accompanied by a personal profile as seen through the eyes of his good friend the choir leader (Pauli Ylitalo), the narrative contained a wealth of rare audio, pictures and video clips. The audience watched and listened to some of the composer's own performances including his contributions as a member of the local “Jukebox Jury”. Dave Bradburn was the technical expert, producing sound and slide shows, his rich ideas and implementation deserve great thanks.

The Choir performed for the first time, ten songs arranged by its choir leader. The songs whose origins were explained to the audience, were Muistoja vain, Tanssit talolla, Tuuli se puita tuudittaa, Elämän aalloilla, Yksinäinen, Meijän kylän merimies, Meripojan tyttö, Rantakaupungin muistot, Ystävälle and Suvi-valssi. Thanks also to Heli Matkaselkä and Risto Rautio, who performed as choir soloists.

The choir was accompanied by Eija Kinnunen (accordion), Mauri Takalo (mandolin), Erkki Ala-Mattila (bass), Jari Uitto (drums) and Mika Naapanki (guitar).

During the interval the audience discussed their own memories of the composer which the concert had brought to mind. At the end of the concert a grateful audience joined together with the choir in singing Reijo Lumisalmi's forever loved piece- Suvivalssi. The event made a great impression on the audience. The following day, a person on the spot told that what she had experienced in the concert had taken a night's sleep.

Pauli (Poksi) Ylitalo