• Raahen Laulutovereilla on ollut jo vuosien ajan vilkasta ja monipuolista toimintaa eikä jatkossakaan jäädä laakereille lepäilemään.

  • Friday the 20th of  April 2018, the stones of the Raahe Prison Memorial Monument were brought to Raahe’s Haarala Cemetery. The stones have the names of all the dead and executed in Raahe prison camp. At the same time as the stones were placed, the text of the old monument was renewed.

  • This year, when recalling the civil war of 100 years ago and its aftermath, the choir has several appearances during Vappu, the first of which is on the eve of the anniversary. At that time, the Raahe prison camp was housed in the Raahe Porvari and Kauppakoulu.

  • Saturday 27.1.2018, was exactly one hundred years after the beginning of the Finnish Civil War, on this day we enjoyed the mixed choir of Ajan Laulu who performed very well composed and interesting songs from that period. A multimedia presentation brought a more visual look to the concert.

    Ajan lauluja - 100
  • Raahe Laulutoverit were granted use of the "Suomi-100" logo for organizing the concert

  • The choir has returned happily from a round trip to Southern Finland. The first call was a joint Coffee Concert in Loviisa with AV-choir, lead by Mia Aitokari. We now have a new Swedish language choir partner. The concert culminated with a beautiful joint rendition of Finlandia to honour the Finland -100 celebrations.

  • Due to popular demand there will be a repeat performance of "The Lonely Summer Waltz" Concert. Pauli Ylitalo will be presenting some extra material recently found on Lumisalmi's life and songs. Welcome to the extra performance!

  • “The Lonely Summer Waltz” Concert was performed to a packed audience of 381. Lumisalmi’s songs were accompanied by a personal profile as seen through the eyes of his good friend the choir leader (Pauli Ylitalo), the narrative contained a wealth of rare audio, pictures and video clips.

  • 375+ Thanks to all who attended Reijo Lumisalis "Lonely Summer Waltz" - concert. Thanks to our great Choir leader - Pauli (Poksi) Ylitalo. The concert was an absolute success!

  • The choir's traditional Concert was performed to a full house.

    Our warm thanks to the great audience!

    Take a look at the Photo Gallery

    Vappu Concert 2017
  • Before the May Day Concert interval Dave Bradburn showed a video to officially start the Restoration Project. The restored memorial along with additional stones for the currently unamed deceased will be officially unveiled on May Day 2018.

  • Thanks to "Ajan Laulu" with whom we performed the concert and spent an unforgettable fun filled shindig evening. Thanks to the accompanists and soloists, as well as Dave for the photography and everything else. Thanks to the audience, who made our concert a celebration.

  • We warmly thank music teacher Henna Lind (Jyväskylä) for her stimulating and insightful guidance during the first choir camp of the year.

    Looking forward to next Saturday the 4th of February when we have a joint concert with Ajan Laulu

  • We are so happy to be able to open our new home pages. We'd like to thank Dave Bradburn who has planned and made this happen for us. Hope you enjoy them too!

  • Our choir has acquired new, smart casual costumes, which we will use in future concerts.

  • This year is a special year for Finland, that celebrates its Centenary as an independent country. Our choir was accepted to be a part of the official celebration. That means that we are allowed to use the official 'Suomi Finland 100' -logo

    Suomi Finland 100
  • We have acquired new outfits, which will be worn for the first time at the upcoming Pekanpäivä Concert.

    New smart casual outfits.
  • 1.9.1987, picture: Raahe Seutu archives

    At the Rautaruukki (now SSAB) coke plant opening celebration we performed two songs, Aapo Similä's Northern toilers jubilee song and the Russian Folk Song Viburnum (Snowball viburnum) blossoms.

    Mauno Koivisto